The majority of my blog readers come from my personal Facebook account, and since I spent so much time driving yesterday it was quicker to post my big update on Facebook than to write a post! But better late than never, so:

I seen my surgeon yesterday afternoon! I was sooooo nervous because I really didn’t know what to expect. They took me in right on time, and the first words from my surgeon: “This thing is coming out today”

This thing is the splint.

IT IS GONE. OH HAPPY DAY. What a glorious feeling it was.

Taking the splint out was completely painless however I had to open my mouth for the first time without elastics in order for it to be removed so that was slightly challenging. 100% worth it though. After it was removed, I was able to brush/rinse for a few minutes while the surgeon was out of the room. He came back in, put some new elastics on and showed me how to take them off/put them on, and then got into the good business… “so for your diet”


He said I am not really restricted as to what I can eat… obviously no biting into raw carrots or full apples, but he wants me to be chewing and increasing the bite sizes and thickness of the food relatively quickly. I started off with mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and cake. All bad for you, but oh so delicious. It is difficult-ish to chew but that’s normal considering my jaw/face was moved around/beat to hell only four weeks ago. On the bright side, my jaw didn’t hurt after trying to chew, nor was it tired. I was very surprised by this. Today I had a muffin, some rice with chicken, and some noodles with vegetables and beef. Chewing isn’t the easiest thing I have done, but I was so mentally prepared for this part that I don’t find it super challenging either.

As far as my bite goes, I can now feel how small my overbite is… it’s so weird. My front teeth touch one another!! One downside, however, is that I now have a fairly open bite but this is very normal post-op and can easily be fixed with orthodontics/elastics.

Some other things discussed were:

  • I can blow my nose again
  • I can begin working out again
  • I am to begin jaw exercises each day
  • Elastics can come out to eat/clean mouth

I seen my orthodontist this morning. He says everything looks great and my braces should be off within 12 months *insert happy dance*. Today he changed my top wire and put a step down to start fixing the open bite. He also changed how I am to wear my elastics, but it is very similar to what the surgeon requested- the only reason he changed this is because he wanted to take my surgical hooks off the top. I have some gaps he needs to close, but he will do this at my next appointment- he didn’t want to today because it would be too much pain this soon post-op. So, in about 5 weeks I am getting both wires changed, and chains on top to start really closing the gaps!

Overall, the first four weeks did fly by as fast as everyone said they would. I am so happy to be back to feelings more like myself!! The splint was sooooo uncomfortable. Cannot wait to eat a piece of pizza.

Below are photos of my first two meals, minus the glorious Mccain cake. Probably does not look appealing but to me it is gold. Pure gold. Also, a photo of my face after getting my splint removed. Facial muscles are still wonky, but I was smiling as big as I could!!