I made it past the two week mark!! I think & hope that means 2 weeks and 1 day until I am allowed soft foods. But they may also get me to wait 3 1/2 more weeks. Regardless, that day is getting closer, and I am PUMPED.

I seen my orthodontist at the beginning of the week. My elastics have loosened but they haven’t snapped so he didn’t change them. He’s letting me enjoy a few mm’s of freedom. God bless.

He says at my next appointment with him (26 days away) there is a good chance he will remove the splint and start a new set of wires. For those of you not well-versed in the beautiful world that is orthodontics, that means I start braces treatment again!! THAT MEANS THEY ARE ONE APPOINTMENT CLOSER TO COMING OFF!

I go back to work and school today… nothing like really getting in there haha. I only have one class today (three hours) and my shift is very short (also three hours). I do work with children so it should be interesting; however, I have a volunteer with me during my entire shift who I am sure will help me speak to the kids if they stare at me like I am a monster. I hope I don’t make any of them cry.

Sleeping & Pain

Sleeping is slowly getting better. I have yet to go any longer than 4 hours without waking, but I am able to comfortably be in bed trying to sleep for a full night, and I rarely need medication through the night. I find my face is sore before bed and in the morning. Some nights (probably about half) I take advil/tylenol a couple hours before bed to make the aching disappear. I really hate the taste and thickness of children’s medication, though, so if I can get by without it, I try to. I have not taken my prescription pain medication since day 5 or 6. I don’t remember which one because they all blur together.

My sinuses no longer bother me at night which makes me very happy. My nose does get stuffy through the day but it is 100000x easier to clean than it was the first week, and it doesn’t affect my breathing.


This splint, man. It’s not cool. That is all.

I am now drinking most of my meals through a cup. I can open my mouth a few millimetres and suck very thin stuff through my front teeth. I don’t need to open at all to fit water/ensure and other liquids of similar thickness. I still use a syringe when I need to! I hate the damn things though. My diet now consists mostly of:

  • Meal supplements/protein drinks. Favourites: GNC lean shake (as a snack, not high in calories at all) and Oh Yeah Nutrition in Cookies n Creme and Chocolate. Ensure is still included but I really don’t care for it.
  • Liquid yogurt
  • Juices
  • Blended/thinned/strained soups (Steak & Potato, Vegetable Beef, Chicken)
  • Chicken Pot Pie, thinned, blended & strained
  • Corn & Potato chowder, thinned, blended & strained
  • SEAFOOD CHOWDER (favourite thing to date) thinned, blended, and strained.
  • Milk and chocolate milk
  • Coffee
  • Fibre-boosted water
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes

I purchased a ninja blender last week. I already had a blender, but it was not capable of blending things like chunks of meat. The ninja is great, although I may toss it after the liquid diet… I never want to drink anything again after this. Ever.

Numbness & Swelling 

I am not 100% numb anywhere, but I certainly have almost no sensation in a few places. It’s weird. I have full feeling on the entire right side of my face, except my chin; my chin and the left side of my lip are the most numb. The left side of my nose, upper lip, inner cheek, and under my eye are still almost numb. It is coming back in lots of places though, slowly but surely.

I started experiencing muscle spasms in my lower jaw the other day. Those suck! It feels like people said it would- like your muscles are trying to pull back into their old position. They are short-lived though, and usually stop a month or two in, apparently.

Swelling is still there, of course, and will be for many months to come. I look “normal” to the untrained eye, though, and I can already tell that my new profile will be greatly improved, so I’m happy!

One thing that no one told me about this surgery, and that I didn’t read about anywhere until recently is how MESSED UP your skin can be after jaw surgery. It’s due to the anesthesia, swelling, and prep they do to your face, apparently. The first week my face felt terrible. When I washed it, it was as if I wasn’t washing my skin, but was washing some weird layer of leather that someone placed over my face. That feeling started to go away slowly, and it was then that I realized I had a layer of dead skin peeling off my face! It was gross, and peeling like it was from a sunburn. That feeling has improved a lot, but my skin is still dry and peeling (especially around my nose and lips) BUT it is also suuuuuper oily. Oh the joys.

Below is a picture of what my front profile looked like then vs now. Notice the crooked facial features in the before picture!! Happy with what I am seeing so far. Looking forward to seeing how things look post-swelling in about 6 months time.