Inconvenience: 6/10

Pain: 0/10 (except some minor “tired soreness” after talking or sleeping)

Nausea has been gone for a number of days now.

Swelling and bruising

The bruising has pretty much cleared up except for a few yellow spots on my neck. The swelling has gown down A LOT and although it’s still there and somewhat annoying/quite noticeable to me, I don’t think people would really look twice at me out in public if they didn’t know me/about the procedure. I am looking forward for the 6 month waiting period (they say the results you have 6 months after surgery are your lifetime results) being over so I can see what my jawline actually looks like.


I get a bit stuffy during the day but it has now been two days since either nostril has been completely plugged. It is basically non-existent compared to what it was. YAY for breathing!!


The splint could go to hell and I would be perfectly okay with that. What a little b*tch to have in your mouth. Cleaning it is just the worst. Also, it completely muffles my talking. But hey I suppose it has a job to do so I will keep it there until someone with many degrees takes it out.

Eating still sucks as expected. It has turned into something I did to nourish my body/enjoy to something that is like a part-time job. My diet so far consists of:

  • Chocolate ensure
  • Baby food (just the yummy-ish kinds for now)
  • Milkshakes
  • Campbell’s vegetable beef broth
  • Campbell’s chunky steak and potato soup blended up/strained
  • Campbell’s chunky chicken vegetable pot pie blended up/strained
  • Liquified yogurt
  • Fibre-boosted water
  • Multi-vitamins absorbed into water

Today an elastic let go (i think). I was syringing some apple-blueberry baby food diluted with cranberry juice and when I went to tip my head back up my mouth felt different. I had my Dad call the emergency/after hours number provided to us and the resident said that it most likely was an elastic that snapped and nothing too serious. It’s a Saturday, and we are about 4 1/2 hours from the hospital where my surgery was and about 1 1/2 hours from my ortho so we will be calling the orthodontist first thing Monday morning to see if they can throw all new elastics on, which was scheduled to be done at my appointment on Wednesday I do believe. Hopefully that’s all it is and it can be fixed on Monday!

Besides the relatively small inconveniences of eating/the splint and trying to talk, life has pretty well resumed to normal besides physical activity. I’m still under orders to lift nothing more than 20 pounds and to engage in no physical activity besides light cardio, which I expect to last until about 4-6 weeks post-op. I do miss it, but I know even if I was allowed to that I would be out of the gym right now because I am so easily tired- I’m seriously struggling to get enough nutritious calories and what I do take in needs to go to recovering and healing right now, not to activity. I go back to school and work on Thursday if life keeps going as it is, which will be very tiring but nice.

In preparation of getting back into my normal schedule, I’ve started leaving the house as much as I feel I can. A couple days ago I went to grab some groceries and to visit my grandparents, and yesterday I spent the entire afternoon and evening out with my family. I even visited my boyfriend for the night. Today, I went to my brothers hockey game to cheer him on (silently).

Hard to believe surgery is now in my past and soon enough recovery will be too!

Attached are two photos- one is from yesterday, front on and the other is a profile comparison thus far- it will continue to change as swelling decreases and I continue with orthodontics.

Stay tuned to see what the orthodontist has to say next week!