Inconvenience: 9/10

Nausea: 0/10

Pain: 2/10

I’m trying very hard to not hit a mental wall but I think I will soon hit a mental wall… for 2 reasons:

  1. Sweet lord almighty I miss food so much already. Being in a house with people and smelling delicious meals (as much as one can smell with plugged sinuses) isn’t exactly helping but I suppose I can’t put my family on a syringe-only diet with me, darnit.
  2. I miss my energy levels. I am getting extremely frustrated over the fact that I can’t do much more than get up and around to shower, brush my teeth (which is a joke with a splint), play with my cat, etc. I literally get winded going up the stairs… wtf?

Hopefully if I do hit a mental wall, I get past it rather quickly. I don’t wanna be sad or frustrated! I just want to get through recovery and move on with my life. Here’s my progress in the last couple days:


There’s only so many things you can put through a syringe. My diet is mostly fibre-boosted water, apple juice, baby strawberries diluted with water, broth, and chocolate ensure. Looking to add liquified yogurt later tonight. Unfortunately for me, I am very sensitive to textures. This is especially true when I can’t chew and I’m just shooting food into the sides of my mouth with a syringe. So, I can’t see myself blending up “real” food and putting that into a syringe, but time will tell. I am not “wired” shut, but my mouth is closed (tightly, as in I cannot breathe through my mouth) with elastics. I also have a large, intrusive splint in my mouth- this is going to be the thing that drives me the most batty. Even with loosened elastics in the future, it’s going to make talking, eating, etc difficult. I see my surgeon in a week and a half and I am praying that my diet can expand by then.

It’s sad, but I am already planning my list of places to go/things to eat once I can chew again. It will start with the entire BK menu, lo mein, king wok (fav chinese place) and chicken wings. *cries*

I miss talking. I can “talk” but it sounds more like muffled noises from a 6 month old child. I want to socialize with friends, but at this point I think I would just get frustrated. I will give that another few days and see where I am.


The swelling has gone down significantly, although I still feel (and look) like a chipmunk. The left side of my face is more swollen than the right, though I am not sure why. I also have multiple chins due to swelling.. I am looking forward to going back to one chin. Apparently by two weeks post-op my swelling will be greatly reduced, although it can take about 6 months for the last 5-10% to go away- this is why its recommended I do not judge my new profile for a while yet (but it does look good so far)

I am bruised below my chin and down my neck. It is now a disgusting shade of yellow but my chins are so fat I don’t really notice it…. pro?


Numbness is annoying, as expected. I have regained a little bit of feeling in the upper part of my face, and like the swelling, I am more numb on the left side. I am numb in my chin, lower gums, and upper lip on both sides. On the left side, I am numb from about the middle of my nose to the middle of my face. On the right side, it’s just the lower part of my nose. I’m expecting the numbness in my chin and lips to last the longest, but time will tell! I get the odd tingling/sensitivity feeling/spasm in my face/jaw, which I would assume is feeling coming back. Yippee.


It’s honestly driving me NUTS. Especially because it is okay-ish through the day and then gets worse at night when I’m trying to sleep. Trying to sleep when you cannot breathe is, well.. impossible. It’s impossible. Slowly, though, it is improving. I am hoping in the next couple days it clears up. For those wondering why I do not just blow my nose, it is because you cannot blow your nose following upper jaw surgery.

Tis it for now! Just gotta keep on keepin’ on. It will get better.