Inconvenience: 10/10

Nausea: 1/10

Pain: 4/10

Yesterday was the first full day I spent at home. It was pretty much the same as all the other days but instead of being in a hospital bed, I flipped between my bed and the couch!

We left the hospital Friday afternoon. Getting home took quite a while by the time my surgeon seen me and we stopped to grab my things. The narcotic they prescribed me tends to make me feel sick to my stomach so I was very slow getting my stuff. Once we did get on the road, I needed to stop a few times; once halfway home to pick up my prescriptions (couldn’t wait any longer) and a few more times to syringe some water into my mouth to help settle my stomach. The most annoying part of this situation is trying to “eat”- getting liquids/medication into your body with a giant syringe whenever you can’t feel the entire bottom half of your face is not the easiest task haha. It drives me nuts whenever it drips back down onto my face… hoping I can soon improve on my syringing abilities.

The scariest part of this entire experience is trying to breathe. My nose is very congested and I can’t blow it, and of course my mouth is closed with elastics. If need be, I am able to open my mouth wide enough to breathe but I don’t like to. They did send me home with one prescription nasal spray, and advised we pick up a saline nasal spray as well (which we did). An additional purchase I ended up making is a nebulizer. Filling it with saline and breathing that in really seems to help with my congestion and also with keeping my lips moist. I hope the congestion starts improving in the next couple days.

Sleep has not been coming very easily. It’s getting easier as the time goes on, but it still takes me a while to fall asleep and the most I can get at one time is between 2-3 hours.

I’m still very swollen although I do believe it’s starting to go down a little bit. I’m looking forward to having that decrease and to getting some of the feeling back around my face.

My family (especially my parents) have been so great to take care of me. I’m trying to do some things on my own but it really is not easy. They’re doing amazing and have no idea how much i appreciate it!

Also, my lovely family members have been spoiling me! My brother bought me a beautiful Toronto Maple Leafs jersey of my favourite player (Morgan Rielly), my grandparents dropped off a card and a gift, and my aunt, uncle & cousins brought flowers. I thought I would have been able to do this without coming home, but I was wrong. This would be next to impossible for me to do without some help.

My face looks about the same as day 2 so I don’t have any new photos, but here is one of my before/after surgery X-ray! The Before is on the bottom and the after is on the top.