Inconvenience: 10/10

Nausea: 2/10

Pain: 4/10

According to my nurses and surgical team things are going great! Things are basically going as I expected although I  am slightly more uncomfortable than I thought I would be. I’ve been keeping the dilaudid/morphine/tylenol/advil into me as much as I feel I need to. Besides pain, everything is just really annoying haha. Eating, standing up, trying to talk… you name it, it’s annoying.

The swelling is definitely worse today and the bruising has started but that is to be expected. I had some X-rays this morning and my bite looks AMAZING! Very happy with how things are looking! My elastics are on quite loose which is nice but I am having some trouble keeping my teeth properly locked into the splint but the surgeon says with time I will get better at this.

Last night I may have gotten 1 full hour of sleep so I am hoping to get a bit more tonight. Fingers crossed. My parents are here visiting now and I am assuming they will be back tonight at some point before I go to bed.