Nervous nervous nervous nervous.

Upside: I’m feeling much better. The flu I had was nasty. I spent a full two days in bed, and although I still have a slight cough, I will be fine by Wednesday (thank goodness).

Today is my anniversary- my boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years. We were able to celebrate on the weekend with a beautiful executive suite in the city, which was super relaxing and a nice way to spend some time together before I go for surgery. Today was spent packing some stuff to take to home with me to recover, and working on some schoolwork (which was pointless, because now classes are cancelled tomorrow due to bad weather).

The weather here has been terrible today, and the forecast for this week is no better. I am super scared that my parents are not going to make it over before my surgery because of weather and that I will be alone going into surgery and for my recovery which may not be the biggest deal to some, but will really bother me. But, at least it will get done! Not much can be done to change the weather unfortunately.

Now that my classes are cancelled, I suppose tomorrow will be spent making sure my hospital bag and all other bags are packed and ready to go. Other than that, I guess I should take advantage of being able to lay on my belly and on my face, and EAT! The hospital will call me tomorrow with my appointment time and whatnot. Hoping it’s an early one so I can go in and get it over with!

I’ll probably post tomorrow or even Wednesday morning before surgery! But in the meantime, here are my before pictures! My jaw is relaxed in its natural position (rare event), and no makeup so that there’s no contour to make my overbite look less severe. SO EXCITED to see the end results.