So, my surgery is in a week.

Also, last night at about 3am I woke up with the flu.

Not the most thrilling combination I must say. I have spent the entire day in bed pumping gravol, cold medication, powerade, and crackers into my body. I have a fever that does’t want to go away and I am having a hard time getting any sleep. I plan to contact my surgery clinic tomorrow to hear their thoughts on this situation- I have a week to recover from the illness, but when I get the flu its symptoms tend to begin as a traditional flu then move on to a head or chest cold over a couple of weeks. I’m terrified that they will need to cancel but I really hope they only cancel if the patient is contagious or has a high fever. Time will tell!

Besides the terrifying thought of my surgery being postponed, spending a couple days in bed prior to surgery was not in my plans. This week was for eating ALL the food, spending time with friends and family, and squeezing in some final time at the gym. Not to mention, I’m now going to miss more classes at school than I had anticipated AND I had to get a shift covered at work tomorrow.

However, I am trying to stay even slightly optimistic. This sucks but it could definitely be worse.

In other news, I had my surgical hooks put on my braces on Monday. I will eventually post photos, but these are essentially extra metal pieces that stick out of the majority of the brackets in my mouth. They trap about 3x as much food as my braces did before and are driving me a little batty.

Hopefully this all goes as planned!!