There is so much to be done in preparation for this freaking event!!! I never thought there could be so much to do.

I am a Masters student at a university in Nova Scotia. I study gerontology and family studies, which is a fairly heavy workload as a full-time student (which I am). My professors are great, and have been willing to grant me extensions if I need them; I’m also keeping ahead of my work so that I can take it easy the first few days of my recovery. I’m lucky enough to have a Spring reading week that begins the Monday following my surgery (a Wednesday) so that gives me extra time to get caught up… the timing worked out very well.

I am recovering at my parent’s house on P.E.I, and the surgery is in Nova Scotia, so when we leave the hospital after my 2-3 night stay, we will have a four hour drive home. I am trying to get everything completely packed and ready to go for then. The biggest hassle is going to be my cat (although I love him dearly) and getting his kennel, litter box, food and toys picked up on our way home from the hospital.

I want my recovery to be as “enjoyable” as possible, so I have searched all the blogs I can find in order to see what tools/etc are handy to have nearby. Here is a list of the things I have purchased, will purchase, or already own that I will be taking with me to aid in recovery:

-Arbonne protein mix (vanilla)

-Arbonne fibre boost

-Arbonne greens essential balance

-Ensure all-in-one nutritional shake

-Many flavours of baby food

-Thick chicken and beef broth

– Heavy duty blender

-Smoothie ingredients (bananas, frozen berries, spinach, OJ, milk, yogurt are my go-to ingredients. This is also how I take in the protein mix and greens mix)

– Giant syringes for pushing food into my mouth. I am not allowed to use a straw or spoons for a while

-Neck/travel pillow

-Baby toothbrush for when I am finally allowed to brush my teeth

-Baby spoons

-Body pillow

-Super powerful lip moisturizer (apparently my lips are going to feel like the sahara desert)

Feel free to let me know of anything you think I will need that I may have forgotten!

The list aside, I have lots of packing to do. I have to take my cat and his ridiculous amount of belongings, my books/computer/school articles, clothing, etc with me. I’m hoping I get all the prescriptions I will need at my pre-op appointment so I can fill those in advance.

My pre-op appointment with the surgery clinic on Wednesday so I will write then. Interested to see how it goes!